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Culinary festivals in the city

March 24, 2018

 Jaipur-BSE is making preparations for one of the most exciting culinary festivals in the city, the Italian Food Festival, taking place from 23 March to 25th March, 2018. 

.. a celebration of Italy’s culinary treasures with a delicious Italian Food Festival Buffet featuring fresh pastas, hand rolled pizzas, seafood, braised lamb, and more.  It will be celebration time for the people of Jaipur as the Italian Food fiesta is all about celebrating wine, food and culture together in inimitable Italian style. A unique fiesta to entice your taste buds with a large spread of scrumptious dishes sizzled to absolute perfection. All the signature dishes from one of the most celebrated cuisines are sure to sate your appetite and leave your palate in complete bliss. Just as the appeal of Italian food runs from street-style pizza-fun for the whole family to fresh-pasta finery for the connoisseur, the festival has food and drink, entertainment and information to suit everyone from tagliatelle -loving kids to the most engaged Italian-speaking wine lover.