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Jaipur ,Rajasthan,India during Lockdown

During modified lockdown street movement

This is a truly global crisis as no country is spared. Countries reliant on tourism, travel, hospitality, and entertainment for their growth are experiencing particularly large disruptions. Emerging market and developing economies face additional challenges with unprecedented reversals in capital flows as global risk appetite wanes, and currency pressures, while coping with weaker health systems, and more limited fiscal space to provide support. Moreover, several economies entered this crisis in a vulnerable state with sluggish growth and high debt levels. To Cope Rajasthan govt impose modified Lockdown.. a war against the novel Coronavirus, people who are sitting at home under a lockdown are fighting another kind of war within themselves.

MIgrant Labour trying to find shelter during pendemic lockdown
Security gard over to work during pandemic modified lockdown

Health check at government office gate pandemic modified lockdown

Thermal check and sanatisation on vehiecle at office

Jaipur railwaystation during lockdown in pendemic

Parcel office during modified lockdown during pendemic

home shoppe from window during pendemic lockdown

Food distribution by social NGO to poor during pendemic lockdown

Temples closed and postpone all religious events

people shy being seen during pendemic lockdown

blocked sub road at M I road jaipur No entry zone during pendemic lockdown

essential transport allowed in modified lockdown during pandemic

people kill hunger off packed chips at jaipur

mobile vegetable shoppe on M I road jaipur during pendemic  modified lockdown

Medical spray at new gate during pendemic modified lockdown

chemical wash to everypassby vehicle during pendemic modified lockdown

a couple at two vehicle under  chemical shower

An ambulance carring positive patient

medical stores at SMS hospital jaipur during pendemic lockdown

Chandpole market during pendemic lockdown

officers cars run on roads during modified lockdown pendemic

chemical shower at new gate during pendemic

women covering mouth while going out

Jaipur railway station during lockdown in pendemic

Jaipur railwaystation during lockdown in pendemic

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