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National handloom day 2022

“A constant dedication to a strong culture of craft documentation, to begin with…Chat with Mr Tapan sharma At WSC. Hints of crimson, amber, charcoal and blonde intermingle ‘seam-fully’ as he lays the cloths down one by one weaver Madhu singh ji .Our nation-building was always about cultural pride and the plurality it brings. It was about what we have inherited and what we have built with it, We must not forget that. You just need to show the real India to people, and they are bound to fall in love!” Hassena Bano from Kota is weaver is working on Loom more than 30 years her every shot is designful & spontaneous .

Haseena bano ji works more than a genration
Weavers service center Jaipur

i was called to poster a loom in Rajasthan

wooden loom to create fabric

A fashion presentation by students working under guidance of experts

Saree design by National handloom weavers
handmade saree

Making of poster with participants

Sneak peak to fashion show by participating college

Ribbon cutting of exhibtion by Mrs Manisha Arora

Exhibition at wsc

Display of work at WSC JAipur
National handllom exhibition

National handllom week celebration activity
Quiz competetion

Panel discussions held for students awareness
industry experts at panel

Press conference at WSC

Press conference at WSC respective colleges
press conference

Facilitation of weavers by Govt . office

Ending speech by Mr Tapan sharma Dy director WSC JAipur

Mr Tapan sharma addressing participating colleges and weavers
Ending speech by Mr Tapan sharma


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