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India Lockdown 3.0 -JAIPUR

Flood of people after dry spell chaos and disappointment to many as it was disaster reopen liquor shops without any control .Social distancing shattered at bus stand as service started at green districts. Huge ques till roads end waiting for banking .Special rail carrying migrant labour and students from Jaipur to Kolkata passed jaipur as Ambulance ways hampered by people on the streets with big cars and bicycles.Free food at bus stand were given in waiting area as no canteen or vendor open.A roadways staff points testing equipment vaguely at crowd

liquor shop stock up at lockdown3.0

social distancing breach

roadways bus stand

bus for migrants

roadways distributes food as no vendor open

roadway staff points test equip vaguely

ambulance hampered

special rail for migrants and students

ambulance waits for migrant train to pass

que till road for banking service

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